Committe Assignments

Centennial Club Celebration

  • Williams, M. Elizabeth (Co-Chair)
  • Phares, Douglas (Co-Chair)

Club Administration

  • Finance: Vanmiddlesworth-Banks, Jill (Chair)
  • Invocation: TBD (Chair)
  • Long Range Planning:
  • President’s Advisory Committee: Liz Heinkel (Chair)
  • Program: Scott Russell (Chair)
  • Officers and Directors: Crouse, Sherri (Membership Chair)

Fundraising Committees

  • Annual Fundraiser: Cynthia Lake Farrell & Doug Phares (Co-Chairs)
  • Project Grants & Distributions: Doyle, Jillian D. (Chair)
  • Membership: Crouse, Sherri (Chair)

Membership Committees

  • Public Relations & Club Communications: Roy Adams (Chair)
  • Rotary Foundation Committee: Petty, A. Ray (Chair)
  • Family of Rotary – Devika Srivastava (Chair)

Service Projects Committees

Valarie Nussbaum-Harris (Chair)

  • Special Olympics: Williams, Ken (Chair)
  • Youth Services: Craig West